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Soap Labels Explained

How ingredients are listed on our handmade soap

Ingredients are listed in descending order using their saponified INCI nomenclature.

We use only plant-based oils and butters in our handmade bath and body products.

Our artisan soaps are labelled according to regulations set out by an independant body known as the Cosmetics Toiletry & Fragrance Association of South Africa (CFTA).

The oils and butters used are listed in descending order by weight. Further, they are named according to a specific nomenclature - INCI - and take their saponified name.

For example, shea butter is a common ingredient in our products, and on the label above is listed as Sodium Shea Butterate, its saponified INCI term.

You can be assured that when you use any of our products on your body, they have been crafted with the finest natural ingredients.

Check Our Ingredients for a list of the commonly used ingredients in our bath and body products.