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Our Story

Just over ten years ago, my life did an abrupt 180" - New hemisphere, no formal job, and a baby on the way.

Not only did these new life circumstances bring lots of challenges, but they also brought plenty of new opportunities (and joy!). One of those joys was to start exploring my entrepreneurial and creative side. 

Though stressful at times, it was an absolute blessing to have the opportunity to become my own boss, and I started investigating various types of businesses. But then a curious thing happened. My skin completely changed after having a baby.

What was previously just sensitive skin had become incredibly and easily irritated skin.

I started researching the ingredients in my skincare products and switched to more natural ranges, many of which were incredibly expensive and didn't always work as promised. From there, I started formulating some of my own products. With some subsequent cosmetic chemistry education under my belt, and many hours of formulating and testing, Anansé  Naturals was born.

We believe natural, less complicated ingredients create healthier, glowing skin. We also believe natural skin care can be affordable and even a little bit fun! 

Every product in our range has been developed through extensive research and continuous experimentation. Each and every product has been specially designed to make you glow,  using locally-sourced and natural ingredients such as Kalahari melon seed oil, macadamia nut oil, and mango and shea butter, and of course is never tested on animals.  

At Anansé Naturals, we make products that help you achieve simple, clean, natural beauty.  We pledge to:

  • Make products that you would be proud to have in your home;
  • Use natural, locally sourced and ingredients of the highest quality;
  • Include plant extracts that benefit the health of your skin in all our products; and
  • Choose eco-friendly, affordable packing materials to minimize the environmental impact of shipping.

Love your skin!